By purchasing a G,A,S. Pass, you will be doing the greatest thing possible to ensure the vibrancy and longevity of the Quad-Cities' music scene and allow Moeller Nights to continually produce and promote higher caliber and exciting artists. For $40 monthly, this is what you will get:

  • $2 off every Raccoon Motel & Stardust show(with a unique access code)

  • show announcements before the general public or press along with opportunities to buy tickets for friends or family before they go on sale to the public

  • a weekly, hand-curated playlist delivered to your email



Also available, the G,A,S. Golden Pass!

This pass is $60 monthly and you'll reap all the above benefits along with $2 off tickets for every Rust Belt show. We plan on hosting 1-2 shows at the venue throughout the year, where GA tickets will average $35. You do the math. 


This is a straight up showing of support and do-goodedness. It's a mighty fine gesture as all of these contributions will go toward continuing to bring increasingly greater talent out and into the light. For $10 monthly, even though you can't make it to the shows or just don't live near where these shows are happening, it will be almost like  you were here. 


The Rust Belt is the latest Moeller Nights venue, scheduled to open this December. On a monthly basis, the 4,000 capacity room will hold 1-2 concerts. The average ticket for these shows will cost approximately $35. For $250 a year, here's what you'll get ::

  • General Admission tickets to every show

  • Exclusive upgrade and pre-sale packages

  • $2 off tickets for every Raccoon Motel & Stardust show